September 3, 2014

Shewon is a complete professional, well-versed in all types of massages. She challenges herself to keep learning, while giving her clients the benefits of her expertise. I have severe musculoskeletal issues in several areas of my body, and Shewon works with these to keep me moving. For me, Shewon's massage is not just a luxury, but a therapy. Thank you.

Diamante Hornbuckle

Shewon is amazing! By FAR the best massage therapist I've ever encountered and I've had MANY over the years so this speaks volumes! I have been a hairstylist for 13 years and have had injuries as well so to say I've had on going issues is an understatement. After just one session I felt much better and today was my second. I've never had anyone target my specific needs and show me stretches for me and my line of work the way she has. So, with all if that being said, I am have been referring everyone I come in contact with to schedule with her! She is THE BEST! And the whole place is a very warm, relaxing place. I am going to explore the rest of what it has to offer! 10 stars!!!!

Wendy Kacprowicz DeWitt

I have issues with my back and I used to go to a chiropractor to get relief. I noticed the last couple times I went I was not getting relief. I first time Shewon gave me a massage I felt relief within 24 hrs. I was able to function. I have now seen her 3 times and now I feel immediate relief! I tell her what is bothering me and she work her magic! I don't know what she does but it's amazing. She did do some cupping on my back this last time and I feel like a new person. If you have not seen her yet, go! She is awesome!