The 4th Chakra ( Heart Chakra )

The Heart Chakra, in my opinion is the Chakra that you should want to shine through. This Chakra deals with so much, because most people put there heart in mostly everything they do in life. Don't take this the wrong way all Chakras are important and all should be in balance, I just know as human beings compassion, love, strength, and relationships means the world to us, weather it is with Ourselves or others.

Location : Heart

Color : Green ( I know you thought it would be red )

Connection saying : I love myself and that love strengthens my relations, I open my heart to embrace life as it is.

If the heart Chakra is balanced you will experience unconditional love it is key to Spiritual awaken. If it is unbalanced you can experience depression, pessimism, and self-doubt. The body areas that you may have issues with are the heart, lungs, shoulders, and arms.

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