The 5th Chakra ( Throat )

Hello, today I am informing you of the Throat Chakra! One of my favorites, It's all about communication and clear direction. It is the source of expression and enlightenment

Location : In the Throat

Color : Blue

To connect : I speak up for myself and create a better World with every word, I follow my truth and communicate it clearly.

If your Throat Chakra is balanced you have a great flow of communication and are true to yourself. Saying positive life affirming statements help keep this Chakra in balance. If this Chakra is out of balance you have a lack of communication, to help this problem you should try not to speak negatively, be mindful of what you say and try to express yourself freely. If you have health problems with your thyroid, speech, or endocrine systems it might be a sign of your Throat Chakra imbalance.

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