The Sixth Chakra ( 3rd eye )

Today I want to discuss the 6th Chakra, the 3rd Eye, also called the anja, or brow chakra.  It is the source of wisdom, and spiritual awakening. 

Location : In between the eyebrows

The color is Violet

To Connect : I live with wisdom and vision, I seek my inner wisdom, awaking my connection with spirit, ( God ) or ( Universe )

If this Chakra is balanced, you are calm and focused. If the 3rd eye is off balance you will have issues related to your spiritual path. Health Problems would have to do with the 5 senses ; hearing loss, ear infections, problems with sight or smell etc.. or a problem with balance. If your mind is over active this Chakra is weakened. 

For information on the 7th Chakra the Crown refer to the post on 3/5/17, please like, share, and comment. Tomorrow's post will be on The 5th Chakra ( Throat Chakra )