Meanings of The Chakras

There are seven Chakras!! Do you know where they are and what they do? In the next seven days, I will give you a quick run down on all the Chakras, the aliments you can have if they are off balance, and how to connect with your chakras on your own. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. Let's start with the 

Crown Chakra : Located at the Crown of the head

It is the source of connection to the Divine 

It is a Crystal Light Color

Connect with it by saying "I am connected to the Divine within me and all around me, we live in oneness and unity with the Divine and all beings"

If you have issues with Spiritual Separation then this Chakra might be dim and need to be cleared. The body areas affected by a dim Crown Chakra will be the brain and the nervous system.

When the Crown Chakra is Balanced you have a Unity of Consciousness