How do you let go of STRESS?

What calms you down when you are stressed? Do you have a peaceful place to retreat to? Is there a particular song that you listen to that brings you to the point of serenity? Is there a person that helps you let go of the tension of everyday life? Or are you one of those lucky people who have achieved inner peace and very little seem to weigh on your shoulders. If you have achieved inner peace, congratulations!! That is the goal of most people's life. If you are one of the many who have the stress of the world, job, kids, and various other things. May I suggest meditation, breathing techniques, stretching exercises, massage, anything that you feel will help you come back to balance. In the next few days I will be sharing some of my favorite ways to Relax and let go. My next post will be Tips for Mediation

The Root Chakra ( 1st )

The Root Chakra is the Source of your sense of safety and grounding. Kundalini (a form of primal energy ) dwells in the Root Chakra.  I will explain the deeper meaning of Kundalini in a later Blog. The Root Chakra is important to us because when we are not grounded, our lives feel out of control, we need balance.

Color : RED

Location : Base of the Spine

Connection : I keep myself grounded with every breath I take, I am always safe and connected to the earth. 

When the Root Chakra is in balance we feel grounded ( balanced ) and Safe. When it is off balance you go into survival mode, there is loss of sleep and you can feel loopy.  Health problems associated are with the joints or skeletal.

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2nd Chakra ( the Sacral )

The Sacral Chakra is where deals with intimacy and emotions. It is where you create a healthy or a unhealthy sexuality. Your center of gravity dwells here and if healthy illuminates warmth.

Location : Center of the Pelvis

Color : Orange

Connection : I enjoy my sensuality and healthy desires, I flow with the rhythms of life.

If the Sacral Chakra is balanced you will enjoy healthy sexuality, full of stable emotions and deep embedded intimacy. If the 6th Chakra is unbalanced you may see issues in the reproductive glands or you may experience stiffness of the pelvis.

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The 3rd Chakra ( Solar Plexus )

The Solar Plexus Chakra is very unique it is the source of Will Power, self- confidence, motivation and security. When you have a " Gut Feeling" this has a lot to do with your Solar Plexus. In ancient Chinese Medicine it is said that all emotions are expressed through the stomach.

Location : 4 fingers above the belly button ( stomach area )

Color : Yellow ( fire )

Connection : I confidently move forward with choices that improve my life. I live with abundant energy and vitality.

If this chakra is balanced you will experience healthy social roles, if it is unbalanced you may experience low self-esteem or lack of energy. You may experience digestive issues or organ problems.

If you have any question please feel free to email me. Please refer to the past post for information on other Chakras. 

The 4th Chakra ( Heart Chakra )

The Heart Chakra, in my opinion is the Chakra that you should want to shine through. This Chakra deals with so much, because most people put there heart in mostly everything they do in life. Don't take this the wrong way all Chakras are important and all should be in balance, I just know as human beings compassion, love, strength, and relationships means the world to us, weather it is with Ourselves or others.

Location : Heart

Color : Green ( I know you thought it would be red )

Connection saying : I love myself and that love strengthens my relations, I open my heart to embrace life as it is.

If the heart Chakra is balanced you will experience unconditional love it is key to Spiritual awaken. If it is unbalanced you can experience depression, pessimism, and self-doubt. The body areas that you may have issues with are the heart, lungs, shoulders, and arms.

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The 5th Chakra ( Throat )

Hello, today I am informing you of the Throat Chakra! One of my favorites, It's all about communication and clear direction. It is the source of expression and enlightenment

Location : In the Throat

Color : Blue

To connect : I speak up for myself and create a better World with every word, I follow my truth and communicate it clearly.

If your Throat Chakra is balanced you have a great flow of communication and are true to yourself. Saying positive life affirming statements help keep this Chakra in balance. If this Chakra is out of balance you have a lack of communication, to help this problem you should try not to speak negatively, be mindful of what you say and try to express yourself freely. If you have health problems with your thyroid, speech, or endocrine systems it might be a sign of your Throat Chakra imbalance.

For information on the 6th and 7th Chakra please refer to the previous post

The Sixth Chakra ( 3rd eye )

Today I want to discuss the 6th Chakra, the 3rd Eye, also called the anja, or brow chakra.  It is the source of wisdom, and spiritual awakening. 

Location : In between the eyebrows

The color is Violet

To Connect : I live with wisdom and vision, I seek my inner wisdom, awaking my connection with spirit, ( God ) or ( Universe )

If this Chakra is balanced, you are calm and focused. If the 3rd eye is off balance you will have issues related to your spiritual path. Health Problems would have to do with the 5 senses ; hearing loss, ear infections, problems with sight or smell etc.. or a problem with balance. If your mind is over active this Chakra is weakened. 

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Meanings of The Chakras

There are seven Chakras!! Do you know where they are and what they do? In the next seven days, I will give you a quick run down on all the Chakras, the aliments you can have if they are off balance, and how to connect with your chakras on your own. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. Let's start with the 

Crown Chakra : Located at the Crown of the head

It is the source of connection to the Divine 

It is a Crystal Light Color

Connect with it by saying "I am connected to the Divine within me and all around me, we live in oneness and unity with the Divine and all beings"

If you have issues with Spiritual Separation then this Chakra might be dim and need to be cleared. The body areas affected by a dim Crown Chakra will be the brain and the nervous system.

When the Crown Chakra is Balanced you have a Unity of Consciousness